Deposit Products

  • ATM "Easy Card" Savings Deposit
    An ATM savings account for people on the go. Use your card to conveniently access your funds anytime and anywhere via Bancnet nationwide. Low maintaining balance of PHP 500.00.
  • Regular Savings Deposit
    A savings account that comes with a passbook, for people who keep track of their daily transactions and complete account history on hand. A minimum Average Daily Balance of PHP 5,000.00 in any given quarter shall be required before the account earns any interest.
  • Smart Kids Savings Account
    Open an account with PHP 100.00 pesos initial deposit and no maintaining balance. Monitor the progress of your savings via online or through Bancnet nationwide.
  • Superior Savings Deposit                         
    A savings account that comes with a passbook. A miniimum average daily balance of PHP 20,000.00 in any given month shall be required before the account earns any interest. A maximum number of withdrawals of twice a month. If withdrawals exceed twice a month, the account shall not earn interest for that particular month.
  • Certificate of Time Deposit
    An affordable fixed term deposit that pays higher interest than a regular savings account. It is for people who want to start investing and earn higher interest than the regular savings account. The term of the Certificate of Time Deposit (CTD) shall be for five (5) years in order for it to be tax exempt from the final withholding tax of 20%. If the term of the CTD is more than five (5) years, the deposit may be terminated at the end of the five-year period without any penalty and taxes. Interest shall be at a fixed rate of (3.5%) per annum for the first five (5) years. Interest shall be paid every end of the calendar month.

    "Deposits are insured by PDIC up to PHP 500,000 per depositor."
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Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

PLANBANK is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)